Our story

Hello there, we are brothers Klemen and Luka. We are researchers in the field of biomedicine and regenerative medicine and together we founded Easycarb in November 2013.

We were both frequently involved with diabetes as part of our academic pursuits, which led us to develop a mutual interest for the disease. We soon started focusing our efforts towards diabetes research and helping out people who live with the disease. We started participating in various workshops and courses about diabetes management as volunteers, where we got the opportunity to talk with patients and listen to the challenges they face every day. It was not long until we realized, that something was very wrong with the current standard for managing carbohydrates. This process is crucial for maintaining short-term and long-term health of the patients, yet it is extremely outmoded, inconvenient and inefficient and had remained virtually unchanged for decades.

As researchers, we always relied on scientific fact when it came to the work we did. When recent cohort studies and clinical trials reveled the importance of good carbohydrate management in the development of diabetes, there was no more doubt in our minds. We needed to modernize the way the process was being performed and make it simple and effective, so everyone could do it. We needed to make a change, and so the Easycarb project was born.

Soon after, we started looking for a people who would join our cause and help us reach our vision of a better world for all diabetics. We were very fortunate to find, that we managed to inspire almost everyone we talked to and our project started to grow stronger and stronger. Today, we form a team of a dozen experts in all kinds of fields ranging from IT developers and industrial designers, to public realations experts and user experience professionals. Even though we are a very diverse and multidisciplinary team, we are all united by a single mission – to revolutionize the way carbohydrates are being managed.

Klemen Zupančič, PhD & Luka Zupančič
Co-founders of Easycarb

How many carbohydrates does a typical breakfast contain?





Who cares?

More than 387 million diabetics worldwide do.

One out of every ten
adults suffers from diabetes.

Good carb management can greatly reduce the risk of all diabetes-related complications.

Lower risk of eye disease 76%

Lower risk of nerve disease 60%

Lower risk of kidney disease 50%

Lower risk of heart attack and stroke 57%

Lower risk of cardiovascular disease 42%

Lower risk of microvascular compliactions 50%

* DCCT and EDIC clinical trials, UKPDS study, Diabetes Control and Complications Trial

Meet the Team

We are a small, young, interdisciplinary team of experts from various sciences; biomedical professionals and researchers, programmers and developers, together with accomplished industrial and graphic designers.

As biomedical professionals we work every day to make sense of complex biomedical data – information that is the foundation for the treatment and management of diabetes. This is what we do and what we know.

  • Luka Zupančič

    Luka Zupančič

    founder, biomedical researcher

  • Klemen Zupančič

    Klemen Zupančič

    founder, biomedical researcher

  • Tatjana Fink

    Tatjana Fink

    project manager

  • Mateja Kramar

    Mateja Kramar


  • Darko Kuzma

    Darko Kuzma

    illustrator, designer

  • Jeff Bickert

    Jeff Bickert


  • Jan Jagodic

    Jan Jagodic

    industrial designer, art director

  • Sara Badovinac

    Sara Badovinac

    graphic designer

  • Blaž Oražem

    Blaž Oražem

    web development & IT support

  • Jan Berce

    Jan Berce

    Indiegogo PR

Our mission is to transform the current standard for carbohydrate management.

Let's take the guesswork out of carb management together.

Join us and stay up to date, every step of the way.